Youthful Hands

So we all know the power of a good anti-ageing routine, but does yours include your hands? There’s not only truth to the old adage that they can give away your age, but as daily wear and tear means our hands show the signs of ageing faster than the rest of our bodies, they can sometimes even make us look older than we actually are.

Here are some tips on how to keep your hands looking as youthful as you…

Cover Up With Gloves
Shield your hands from harsh cleaning products and washing up liquid, which can seriously dry out your skin, by wearing rubber gloves whenever you use them. You can always wear warm gloves when you’re venturing outdoors in the cold, as this will protect them from weather damage which can lead to toughened skin.

Use A Natural Hand Wash & Cream
Heaven’s Afternoon Tea Wash & Cream is a blend of essential oils and tea, uniquely put together to create a divine scent that can take away food odours and release digestive enzymes. Not only will keeping your hands hydrated help skin retain its elasticity, it will also plump up skin and boost cell renewal.

Exfoliate Hands Weekly
Again, much like your facial skin, your hands need a good polishing down every now and then. Dry skin is easy to accumulate on the hands, so a quick solution is taking lemon and sugar and rubbing your hands with them. However using the Bee Peel, with added anti ageing AHAs will remove the dead skin from your hands and create a more toned look in the process.

Pick A Youthful Nail Colour
The nail polish you choose can have a big impact on how youthful your hands look. Firstly, if you have ridges in your fingernails – which are common as we age – apply a targeted base coat before your colour to help fill in the nails and create a smooth surface. Then, opt for shades with some warmth to them, such as orange-based reds (over blue-based reds), soft corals and warm nude pinks. This will instantly make dark spots and pesky blue-hued veins appear less noticeable.

Have Your Go To Hand Cream
Everyone needs a decent hand cream in their beauty arsenal, and using one daily is the simplest thing you can do when it comes to anti-ageing. The Vanilla Pod is a conditioner in a pot and can instantly nourish and hydrate hands, nails and even cracked feet. The combination of vanilla and coconut as a smell stops hunger.

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