The Cleansing Mask That Heals Your Skin While Turning Back The Clock
The Cleansing Mask That Heals Your Skin While Turning Back The Clock

Whether it’s giving a boost to acne-prone skin or tackling those signs of anti-ageing, Heaven’s WillowBee Mask & Cleanse is an essential part of your daily routine. Here, Founder Deborah Mitchell explains the secrets behind one of our most popular must-haves.

I have always believed wholeheartedly in creating products that work. I mean really work. So many of use blindly hand over our hard-earned cash because the sales assistant tells us this moisturiser will do this or this cleanser will do that; instead we should demand skincare essentials that, literally, do what they say on the tin (forgive the cliché!).

My WillowBee Mask & Cleanse is a perfect example of this.

First up, it’s multi-functional meaning it saves you not only time but also precious pennies. You use it after your cleansing routine for a ten minutes skin treat; add it to your cleansing routine, massage and rinse; or leave it on overnight as a hard-working treatment.

Added to that, it’s our first product that contains bark from the willow tree, which is renowned as a natural and organic alternative to aspirin. This means it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making it ideal for all skin types including those who suffer acne, rosacea and eczema.

And finally, it works on fine lines and wrinkles and removes impurities from pores which in turn unblocks blackheads and gives that sought-after anti-ageing effect.

In other words, it not only detoxes your skin, but it heals imperfection and helps signs of ageing – so yes, you’re handing over your money for a product that really does tackle a multitude of skin sins.

I had a male client recently who looked like he had black patches on his skin. On closer inspection I discovered it was because of oil that had become trapped in his pores and had oxidised. After just one application of the WillowBee Mask, his complexion really did look amazing and, it goes without saying, he was delighted.

Another client complained of over-hanging lids and asked if WillowBee would work to help improve them. I admit that I wasn’t sure – I did think surgery would be a better option but thought it was worth giving it a go so I gave her a free jar. I didn’t see her for about a month but she came back to salon to show me her new and improved eye lids. Of course, I assumed the improvement was the result of the surgeon’s knife – instead, she had started a daily regime of the WillowBee mask, New Edition Cleanser and my innovative Bee Venom Mask.


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