Heaven Skincare - Sunday night to get you prepped
Sunday Pamper Night

There’s nothing better than a good old pamper on a Sunday night to get you prepped, ready and most importantly relaxed for the week ahead. It may just be a face mask in the evening, or a quick nail painting session before bed, but every once in a while I like to go all out, light a few candles and spend an hour or two locked away in the bathroom. Putting the best of my skincare stash to good use. Followed up with a cozy dressing gown and a box of fudge – my absolute favourite, and a good film and you’ve got yourself a perfect Sunday evening.

To kick off my pamper evening, I love to light some candles to set the atmosphere and play some of my favourite music. I’m a huge fan of candles and have a fair few dotted around my room. Heavenly ODE candles smell absolutely incredible and are perfect for a pamper session. They fill the room with such a fresh, clean scent, just like freshly washed towels and make me feel like I’m really in a spa.

Then I like to start with a quick cleanse whilst I run my bath. I always cleanse twice a day no matter what. At home with the New Edition cleanser or when I’m in Covent Garden I use the Hydro Cleansing Milk. I like to double cleanse as the skin on your face is exposed to a lot of pollution, and all sorts of outside aggression, it sweats and gets dirty faster than the rest of your body. I’m in Covent garden I double cleanse using the Hydro Cleansing Milk. This has built-in anti-pollutant technology rosemary extract which takes away the pollutants. The Organic jojoba is the closest match to the skin’s natural oil, which helps to balance and condition the skin and act as a magnet for trapped dirt which is what makes this cleanser the best for all skin types. Finishing off alway with Vitamin C rich Cleanse and Foam wash to release more collagen. Before the Ella Jane wipes I would have used a soft flannel, but now it saves my white fluffy towels. As well as giving my skin, a deeper cleanse.

A quick Bee peel or Bee Polish before the bath, but this week I am applying the Bee Peel. Applying all over even on my eyelids and underneath my eyes. Not neglecting my neck and chest. I do this because I don’t want my face to look younger and my neck to look old. I love to see how my lines are instantly relaxed. When I rinse this off after a minute with warm water it’s like I am rinsing of the years.

Next up, I’ll apply my face mask before getting into the bath. My go-to face mask is the WillowBee Mask & Cleanse, which I’m completely in love with. This is a lovely thick, luxurious mask that clears out pore-clogging impurities for a deep-down clean. This mask contains willow bark from the Willow tree, which is the natural organic form of aspirin. Calming redness and spots that will be appearing, this has anti-inflammatory and healing properties making it great for those with acne, rosacea, and eczema. During my pamper night, I try to leave my face mask on for as long as possible, just to get the full goodness It deserves.

Whilst in the bath I love to use my Dream Body Wash as it works on a sensory level so it makes you sleepy, exfoliates and moisturises. It also tightens and firms the skin, so if weight loss or age has taken its toll on your body then this is the wash for you. After getting out of the bath I normally want to jump straight into my dressing gown, however, I know the importance of moisturising! My go-to moisturiser is the Body Firming. An all-over body moisturiser that penetrates the body with vitamins B5 and E. Softens the skin and rejuvenates thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and tea tree. It dries very quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue afterwards – perfect.

Once I’m in my dressing gown I then like to focus on my face. I remove my mask with warm water and the Heal Facial Wipes. Next is to tone with the orange flower hydrogel, I apply with my fingertips with an only a small pump as it goes a long way, an extra watering system for my skin, and helps removes any pigmentation that I have built up. Now, this is the most important step in my pamper night. I love to use my Overnight Success Cream first, the moisturiser that works overnight to release oxygen to detoxify skin and replenish.

Then I like to apply my Bee Venom Mask on top. If you have mature skin or naturally dry skin that can’t seem to retain moisture you could be a candidate for double moisturising. Your skin would benefit from an extra dose of hydration and doubling up will ensure your moisture will last all night or if you have had a stressful week.

Once I’m all pampered out, I’m normally ready to get into bed and binge on some more Netflix. I also like to spritz some Heaven Scent on my pillow to help me relax. This spray has the most soothing and calming scent which I absolutely love, and it really helps me into a deep sleep. Ready for the week ahead.

Skin Types This Would Suit: Occasional spots, High colour, Anti-aging, Line prevention or reduction.

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