Do you really know the effects when sleeping with makeup on?
Do you really know the effects when sleeping with makeup on?

Sleeping with makeup is something that happens to the best of us, but not necessarily a wise thing to make a habit of. If you regularly hit the sheets with a full face of makeup on, brace yourself for the things that can happen when you sleep with makeup. Here are just 7 things that can happen when you sleep with makeup on:

Dry skin.

The skin is starved of oxygen making the skin extremely dry and sensitive. Make sure you have our heavenly Age Defiance to hand, I always keep mine on my bedside table.


As the skin is not clean it is prone to breakouts and blemishes which will appear in the morning.

Eye irritation.

The eyes get fuller and redder as they fight the bacteria in the tissues overnight, especially when eye makeup is left on, this can irritate the eye itself as well as the skin around it causing blepharitis.

Blocked pores.

They can become permanently deeper stretching the sebum plug solidifies and hardens. Sebum plugs are little raised dots which appear on the skin. They have a solid waxy texture and contain sebum which is a type of bacteria and skin debris. The Bee Peel clears all the dead skin cells and the sebum plugs.


Sleeping with makeup is instantly going to age your skin. A good cleanse is vital, followed by a heavenly hydrogel and our Bee Venom Mask.

Clogged eyelash follicles.

Sleeping with mascara and liner on may result in the clogging on tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids. When these areas become clogged small bumps called styes can form. Ouch! The New Edition cleanser is a perfect eye makeup remover, as the addition of echinacea can promote eyelash growth and it can even be used with SOS oil to remove waterproof mascara.

Chapped lips.

Sadly your favourite lipstick is taking the moisture out of your lips if you leave it on too long. Did you know you can use the Vanilla Pod on your lips?

If you continuously go to sleep without removing makeup properly, the skin eventually ages, hardening and losing its ability to produce collagen and elastin, the flexibility and firmness your skin needs to be younger looking with reduce.

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