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The miracle cream that was an overnight success

I fly a lot now and I don’t want my skin to suffer from lack of oxygen. H2O is such a massive anti-ageing phenomenon. I use my own Overnight Success cream and it’s my in-flight staple. I always take my travel size with me onboard because of the air pressure, aircon and jet lag can really impact on my skin.


What does oxygen do to skin?

More oxygen in our blood makes newer looking skin, brightens and also, believe it or not, it actually helps calm complexions.



I developed overnight success, which works and smells amazing.

One of my staff tried it; Sandy her name was. She looked incredible and I’d forgotten that I’d given her my sample when I made it over 10 years ago! She still uses overnight success now.

Lots of my famous clients, royal and others love this too because; being in the limelight takes its toll on your skin, it can end up look sallow. But with Overnight Success skin looks younger, rejuvenated and feels heavenly. We need the glow day and night.


What’s better than that?

I wondered how I could make a wonder cream better? Afterall it got its name from its results. I added PrismTM which was the perfect combination! It has a rich creamy texture and can fight dry skin. It harnesses the power of our skin’s own natural peptides, specifically L-Carnosine which is hugely efficient at reversing the effects of light damage. Prism works with light sequences to erase years of ageing from your skin. Download the free Prism app (available for both iOS and Android) which emits light sequences to intensify the renewal and repair of your skin.


How can you try it for free?

Use code: SUCCESS with all purchases over £55 and you will get your free travel size Overnight Success Cream until the 31st March.

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