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Natural and organic flu and cold remedies

Doctors and GP’s in the UK are currently bracing up for a winter outbreak of flu. My family never seems to escape it, just as I’m sure your’s don’t, as soon as one person’s rid of the flu, another one seems to come down with it. I’ve never been one to dose my family up on medication, I’ve always tried to provide natural relief where possible instead of having a Flu jab, I try to do it naturally.

Here are some of my homemade natural remedies to help calm the flu and stop the spreading of the germs…

…Burn lemon essential oils or cut half a lemon and leave it in a bowl of boiled water to clean the air in rooms throughout the house, this will leave it smelling fresher and feeling cleaner.

Not that we feel like eating when we have the flu, but the easiest way to spread germs is through food, so it’s always a good idea to disinfect eating utensils, to do this add a little lemon or lemongrass essential oil to the washing up water.

When the flu first kicks in, massage either the chest, back or hands oil and a mix of:

Ginger to help open the lungs, and allow for easier breathing.

Lemon to stop the fever and to build white blood cells to fight the virus.

Basil to help stop stomach cramps, mix in grapeseed oil to remove poisons from the lymphatic system.

When the sickness starts, try and drink peppermint tea or a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a sugar cube, this is also a really good cure for those who suffer from nausea and vertigo.

Lastly a cold compress of lemongrass will help the fever and calm headaches.

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