Do you know how to minimise your pores correctly?
Do you know how to minimise your pores correctly?

When it comes to skin concerns, if we’re not trying to tackle early signs of ageing or stop breakouts in their tracks, we’re bemoaning enlarged pores and trying to get rid of blackheads. While pore size is genetically determined, there are steps you can take to minimise their appearance for brighter, smoother skin.

Start with unclogging.

When trying to keep pores clear it can be tempting to over exfoliate. However, this can have the opposite effect, irritating the skin, causing inflammation and keeping pores open. My tip? Use the Bee Polish, this is a non-abrasive exfoliator which helps reduce the signs of ageing and also cleans out them pores, thanks to the addition of ABEETOXIN.

Then moving onto shrinking.

Use the Bee Peel. Peel’s aren’t as scary as they sound. In fact, the Bee Peel works under the surface of the skin to give you an instant glow as well as cleaning out pores to shrink them in the long run.

Then minimise those pores.

Use SPF. UV protection is key to minimising pores in the long run. UV damage enlarges pores over time by thinning the skin and affecting it’s collagen structure. However, many SPFs can leave the skin looking shiny, which only exacerbates pore size, so opt for a moisturiser which contains SPF. Have you heard of Prism? This contains a special ingredient set to revolutionise sun protection and defence. The Prism technology harnesses the power of your skin’s natural peptides, specifically L-Carnosine and not only defends against light damage but actually produces collagen to protect it when light hits.

Finally, keep your face clean.

This means cleansing twice a day with a pH-balanced cleanser (try the Cleanse & Foam Wash) and also use a flannel for a deeper clean. Also, be sure to wipe down post-workout to prevent pores from clogging, so keep a smaller size of your Cleanse & Foam Wash in your gym bag at all times.

For a quick fix try our heavenly Bee Bee Cream, this work wonders to smooth the skin’s surface and makes pores appear tighter. With its creamy texture you can apply evenly over your face using your fingertips, sponge or a brush. The Bee Bee Cream also comes in three different shades, perfect for any skin tone.

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