Keeping Your Skin Soft On The Slopes
Keeping Your Skin Soft On The Slopes

While a week skiing will do you the world of good at this time of year, your skin can really pay the price. Biting cold winds, central heating and powerful sunshine play havoc with your complexion, leaving your skin dried-out and damaged and in need of some TLC.

Along with the thermals, sun creams and waterproofs make sure there’s plenty of room in your suitcase for these must-haves to keep your skin in tip-top condition in sub-zero temperatures.

Due to the conditions and high altitudes on the slopes, you’ll find a moisturiser alone won’t actually do you much good. Instead, layer your skincare essentials to ensure your skin is protected: using a hydrating serum like my SOS Oil will balance oils; while a rich moisturiser, such as my Overnight Success Prism Oxygen Cream, will detoxify and replenish.

You’ll undoubtedly be wearing gloves for much of the time when you’re skiing but it’s still worth remembering that your hands need looking after too. My Vanilla Pod Hand Cream  is so natural that it can also be used on your lips and nails. It’s the perfect all-in-one go-to that it instantly nourishes and hydrates.

It’s no surprise that air travel and cold weather combined with all that après ski fun will leave your complexion looking a little dull so I recommend upping your skincare game with a hard-working product that will work wonders. One of my signature essentials is My Silver Bee Venom Mask. This revolutionary, organic cream tightens, firms and lifts while at the same time penetrating fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles to give an immediate anti-ageing effect. The healing properties of the ABEETOXIN® mean it’s perfect to tackle blemishes, rosacea, eczema and dry skin.

If your skin is in real need of care and conditioning after your holiday book in for a facial that will restore radiance and hydration. I created my innovative Bee Sting Facial using natural and organic ingredients to increase collagen, reduce sun damage and pigmentation. Combined with my own massage techniques, it will provide an instant anti-aging effect, leaving you looking and feeling instantly younger, refreshed and ready for your next holiday!

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