Hydrogels - Back To Basics
Hydrogels – Back To Basics

Why do we need toners?

Water has calcium deposits in it which dry our skin and cause breakouts and premature cellular damage.

What if you could have a toner that’s a prep for foundation and a can double as an eye soothing gel too, you can with Heaven’s hydrogels. Not only does it remove debris like oil and traces of makeup, but it soothes, repairs, and smooths the skin’s surface. Diminishing blemishes and minimising signs of redness and inflammation.

When do you use?

They All feed and water the skin tissues while removing the last trace of makeup and cleansers. Every day after a cleansing and exfoliating and just before moisturising.

So which hydrogel is best for you?

The Peppermint hydrogel is our balancing gel which reduces puffiness. The inclusion of peppermint and spearmint minimises oil secretion in the skin, balances the PH levels and refines pores, leaving the skin balanced and hydrated. Can also be used as an eye cooling gel to alleviate bags and puffiness. The hydrogel can also remove the shine on the T-Zone with its balancing properties.

The Chamomile Otherwise known as the calming hydrogel helps redness and dark circles. As it works to control sensitive skin types or those that are prone to acne, rosacea, and eczema. The chamomile and echinacea act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic to normalise the skin whilst the organic witch hazel reduces redness. Continual use of the chamomile hydrogel promotes a calmer and hydrated skin.

The Orange Flower is our renewal hydrogel. An instant hydration boost with the added benefits of Organic Neroli and Vitamin C which promotes skin rejuvenation restores balance, eliminates scars and helps to maintain the oil levels in the skin. This hydrogel is also the perfect anti-aging solution as it helps penetrate fine lines even around the delicate eye area thanks to the addition of asparagus.

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It’s so important after exfoliating to hydrate the skin afterwards. Watch out for us next week when we talk toners.

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