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How to Detox

I really did eat for England this year.

The Christmas period puts a lot of pressure on our bodies, you have to be ready to attend the work parties, celebrity events and the New Year party. With all that delicious food and unlimited booze, I’m not complaining honest, it leads to an excess of fat, carbs and sugar. After all of that fun, you may end up feeling bloated and tired.

I really did feel it this year. You and I may need to put our body’s back into that healthy zone, but the struggle of the first day back at work and oh yes the diet is a lot.

I find we all need a cleanse going into the new year to detox the previous year out of us! The detox you do will flush all the toxins out of your body to improve your health. Here are some of my ways which helps me to cleanse my body:

The unhealthy zone is acid..choc’s, alcohol and dairy the list goes on.

Firstly, skip your coffee and drink some herbal tea instead, I find this really helps me to relax and soothe my stomach. It is a very good remedy for an upset stomach or a headache!

Healthy zone alkali.. eat grapefruit after your meal to help your body alkaline. Even if your cravings are there the bloating will go down.

It might sound crazy but I love to use a new body wash routine when I’m going into a New Year.

A simple dry body brush, before your bath and shower can solve a lot of body problems.

The Heaven Dream Body Wash is a great start for relaxation and that sense of cleanliness and I forgot the most important it makes your skin look younger, by releasing collagen, with its great fresh smell it helps sleepless nights – and its the perfect exfoliator.

If I’m feeling like I need to banish some cellulite (always), I use the anti-cellulite body wash! With a firm scrub, this can banish my dimples and leave skin fresh and silky! How does it do this you ask? It has juniper berries, you know the ones found in gin! These work the kidneys to get free that nobly look of cellulite. Working quickly to banish those bumps! With use over three days, I promise you’ll notice a difference.

I always exfoliate!! Particularly with my salt glow. This is an oil and salt scrub which improves my circulation (I do suffer from thyroid issues) This is best used in circular motions I find! Usually, I use this when I’m dieting and it really works well together. It’s Mediterranean Sea salt rich in kelp, speeds your metabolism as the salt releases trapped fluid.

Funny story…

I got invited to dinner with Duran Duran and the Light House family, (it’s a band) at Nobu in park lane and I was a size 8/10 then, only I picked up the wrong jeans and could I get the zip up. No!!!!

So I got in a bath of salt glow scrubbed and soaked, and hey presto.

Went out in my then favourite new jeans and I got asked out on a date! Anyway back to blog… those were the days hey size 8/10

I tend to go for a treatment in the first week of January – at Heaven’s Flagship salon.

My fave in all the world, I love the Bee Slim

Why wouldn’t I, it’s brill, I sleep, float, relax and wake up slimmer and rejuvenated, my skin tighter and smooth.

This is a treatment that I created which helps increase the blood circulation, improving skin tone and reduces cellulite). It can make you stick to your diet too, and has helped a lot of people drop a dress size just like me!

Sounds perfect for a detox!

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