Exfoliators - Back To Basics
Exfoliators – Back To Basics

Why do we even need to exfoliate?

The best exfoliant is one that does not scratch or irritates the skins surface, or strip the natural oils of the skin. Our Cleanse and Foam is orange oils that are full of natural vitamin C, we love to use organic ingredients this keeps the skin looking in tip-top condition. The cleanse and foam wash is perfect for all skin types even the most sensitive but exceptionally good for oily and combination skin. This will help to improve elasticity levels and balance the oil within the skin which in turn reduces the shine on the T-Zone.

What happens to skin after it’s exfoliated?

Freshly exfoliated skin or gently peeled skin takes in more nourishment but can also lose moisture so a peel that waters the skin and builds its moisture reservoir. That’s why I made Bee Polish and Skin Polish. To gently and daily remove old deadlines skin and help replace it with plumped smooth skin and help those overexpression lines. The light refreshing clear gel contains fruit acid, Echinacea, and Aloe Vera to gently extract toxins without harming the outer layer of the skin. Starting with a small pump at the tip of your fingertips, work it the bee polish starting with your nose, work your way outwards and wash off with warm water.

What’s the difference between a peel and an exfoliator?

An exfoliator works only on the very utmost skin layers of the epidermis so generally there is less chance of normal exfoliators doing that much for the skin that a rough towel would not do. That’s why I made the cleanse and foam to deeply exfoliate. Our Bee Peel, however, is a much deeper removal of skin cells, lines, and scars. I invented Bee Peel to really tighten and firm skin as it was romping dead skin cells and pigmentation. It helps boost the production of collagen which increases the strength and elasticity of your skin. Read our blog here, on how to use.

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It’s so important after exfoliating to hydrate the skin afterwards. Watch out for us next week when we talk toners.

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