Ella Jane Wipes

At 13 my daughter Ella used to buy face wipes. Understanding that wipes are often more practical (who wants to lug a 250ml bottle around with them on all their travels?). But most wipes are therefore soaked in alcohol or preservatives in high concentration to keep bacteria at bay. In addition, most facial wipes contain surfactants in order to be effective in dissolving makeup and grime.

So I wouldn’t let Ella use them, however after throwing away packs she had bought, she said to me one day “Mom, you need to make some wipes, but some good ones”. by the time she was 14, I got fed up with her asking as I didn’t have much time. So as Mom’s do, I said to her why don’t you do it. So by the time she was 15, we launched one of Heaven’s most successful product, that I had ever created. Of course, it was a collaboration between us both, so I can’t take all of the credit.

So many celebrities loved the first production of the Ella Jane Wipes and we were both proud to see royalty using them.

I realised my daughter was on to a winner and my daughter was on to a complete success. I was so proud of my daughter’s ideas and her keen eye for detail. At 19 years old, we decided to bring two more types that would be more specific for every skin type.

We knew we had to make the Ella Jane Wipes even better. I loved working with my daughter on this. Thinking we had plenty of time, we have constantly wanted the new wipes to be absolutely perfect! Then the fateful day came when we had sold out of the original wipes. We decided not to produce any more, we decided to make our curate; Refresh, Renew and Heal Facial Wipes.

Refresh targets to remove dirt, excess oil and make-up, while hydrating, reviving and helping protect skin against environmental aggressors. The inclusion of peppermint and spearmint minimises oil secretion in the skin, balances the PH levels and refines pores, leaving the skin balanced and hydrated.

Renew is curated with the organic neroli and orange. Vitamin C brightens your complexion, promotes skin rejuvenation while restoring balance. Abeetoxin which contains organic bee venom is the perfect anti-aging solution as it helps penetrate fine lines even around the delicate eye area.

Heal works to control sensitive skin types or those that are prone to acne, rosacea, and eczema. The chamomile and echinacea acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen to normalise the skin whilst the organic witch hazel reduces redness. Of course not forgetting the bee venom, that tells the skin to repair itself.

Each gentle wipe is luxuriously soft and sweeps effortlessly over the face, removing everything from foundation to stubborn mascara.

I’m so proud of my daughter. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know when they are out!


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