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Deborah’s Diary Week commencing – 6th November 2017

Monday 6th November


Wow, well I woke up today feeling a mix of emotions, excited, anxious and tired I think… yep definitely tired. Our new Heaven Skincare website launched on Friday after many many years of having the old one… It’s taken a while to get used to the fact I won’t see that old website anymore, but seeing the comments on twitter has made me feel better, I guess people say change is quite scary, but I say ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’



Had a bath to get my thinking cap on… Anyone else have their best thoughts when they’re in the bath or shower? I usually catch up with my team when I’m in the bath and check emails. We’ve gone through a lot of house phones because of me and my morning baths! Checked in with the office to find out we’ve got some new names booked into our new treatment place in Covent Garden; Morgan House! Exciting. What I like about having Morgan House, lots of my clients like privacy, my celebrity clients, and any clients, but they can come here and have privacy and be looked after by my team.



Drop by the Heaven Skincare HQ. There’s a lot of buzz about the new website, everyone was working away and answering live chat calls which for us is a huge leap into the modern world, I love it because we can now give instant skincare advice!  I popped onto the live chat myself and spoke to a few lovely people.



We tried to eat all together as a family, (dogs, cats & all) to keep a constant in all of our lives, it keeps us sane and we can catch up on the news of the day. The dog has jumped on the new clean bedsheets, fresh that morning typical! I tend to joke with my husband that it was actually me!



Tea all done and thought about doing some tweets before bed, but I know the social media manager at the office will shout at me for putting some on, but I love talking to my lovely followers so I do it anyway. That’s me in trouble tomorrow. I tweet while i’m watching grimm on Netflix. In between watching the T.V I like to cleanse so it is all done for bed, I usually do a cleanse and polish, then a tone and then put my overnight success prism on… Usually. But at the moment i’m using a new secret product soon.


Tuesday 7th November


Very early am

Woke up early, I’m not a deep sleeper as some of you already know, I’ll tweet and email until its ok to go to work…



At my fabulous friend’s hair salon; Royston Blythe. Need to get my hair done and relax ahead of our important night! Forgot to eat lunch and breakfast again. Really must remember to eat! Coffee and a biccy will suffice! Leave feeling fab, shoot to the office.



Last minute run-through for our Shifnal Salon Christmas Shopping night before I head there for the evening.



At the Shifnal salon, it’s busy and I see lots of familiar faces and lovely customers. I’ve got a queue of people waiting for a treatment, was chatting and doing facials until late; time flies when you’re having fun!


What time was it?

Headed home and straight to bed, tired!


Wednesday 8th November



Going through the slides for the Heaven Awards evening, I might be in the bath!



Can’t decide what to have for lunch, I’ll think of something.



Arrive at the office, a little later than planned, yes I forgot to eat again! But to my surprise the team is waiting in the board room with a yummy chocolate cake and birthday presents for me! A little early as I may be shooting off to Morgan House tomorrow for an appointment. They got me a lovely dressing gown and nightie, for when I stay at Morgan House which I love because I really needed some nice new pj’s for Heaven HQ in London!



Back at home, need a chilled evening tonight after the rush of last night at the salon, which was a huge success again, so I’m not going to tweet much tonight! ZZZzzzzz.



Waited for Katie Price to fly in for a quick chat, needed to speak to her.


Thursday 9th November



Had a phone call to organise my next trip to the palace.



Been writing for a piece in you magazine, which is going out on my birthday.



Staying home for a bit longer today, managed to do emails and phone calls (no bath meeting today) because I wanted to stay home with my son Christopher as he’s off from University.



Eaten cashew nuts, greek honey, greek yogurt and sesame seeds is my lunch today, i’m naughty and I don’t eat breakfast, and a black coffee to go with it!



Spoke to Liza about a new salon that’s taking on Heaven Skincare, tell you more about that later.


Friday 10th November


Busy busy busy all hours of the day



Had some lovely flowers for my birthday weekend from my husband, this made my day


Saturday 11th November



Wow what a week, decided to take it easy today and have nice family breakfast



Off to my friend’s house for a birthday dinner, thanks to Julie and Caroline for a beautiful evening, cake and dinner.


Sunday 11th November


It’s my birthday and we’re having a family dinner tonight so we can all celebrate, my husband is cooking a sunday roast so I can put my feet up and he cooks a mean Sunday roast! Love a day with family!

That’s enough for this week!

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