Cleansers - Back To Basics
Cleansers – Back To Basics

Did you know? A minute of cream cleanser left on the skin to work will save you time and money in the long run. Makeup will glide on smoother and pores will stay tightly closed.

As the skin on your face is exposed to UV light, pollution, and all sorts of outside aggression, it sweats and gets dirty faster than the rest of your body. To preserve it, start by cleansing every morning and evening with our, Hydro Cleansing Milk. Which has built-in anti-pollutant technology the Organic jojoba is the closest match to the skin’s natural oil, which helps to balance and condition the skin and act as a magnet for trapped dirt which is what makes this cleanser the best for all skin types.

Don’t think that by just using your everyday cleanser you’ll be able to get that makeup off no matter how minimal you put on. If you have heavy makeup on, use our SOS Serum to remove waterproof mascara, it’s good to remove stubborn makeup. So add a few drops to your cleanser If you have sensitive skin you should use cleansing milk.

Squeeze two pumps of product onto your hand apply to skin start washing your face. With your fingertips, gently work the cleanser in a circular motion to promote a good blood circulation. You can start from the center of your face at your nose. Get on the sides of the nose and work your way out to form the cheeks to the hairline. Don’t forget your neck too. Rinse with tepid water and repeat, start with our Hydro Cleansing Milk and followed by our Cleanse and Foam.

The perfect temperature to wash your face with is lukewarm. You might’ve heard that splashing cold water is good for you. It increases blood supply but then a quick cold rinse really does get the oxygen flowing. Sure it’s good for that morning to wake you up, but it doesn’t help to remove dirt and oil while cleansing.

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